Speaker: Kevin Dellicker

Title & Company: Manager, Dellicker Strategies, LLC

About: Kevin Dellicker is the founder and managing member of Dellicker Strategies, a cybersecurityand technology infrastructure company on the ESCNJ cooperative contract. He has been partnering with the ESCNJ for more than a decade and has served hundreds of New Jersey schools and municipalities.

Kevin Dellicker leads a team of professionals focused on improving the technology infrastructure of public organizations. Since starting his business in 2005, Dellicker Strategies has led more than 80 enterprise infrastructure upgrades worth almost $300 million across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This includes acting as program consultant to the New Jersey Digital Readiness and Learning Assessment Program (NJDRLAP), the state’s most popular Internet and telecommunications cooperative contract.

Dellicker Strategies’ current focus is on cybersecurity. He and his firm have developed an innovative and cost-effective approach to protecting digital information that is interdisciplinary, practical, and effective. It combines new tools with proven methods and cybersecurity awareness training in a way that schools and municipalities can afford, helping dozens of public organizations get cybersecurity under control.

Class Session: Collaborative Cybersecurity

Speaker: Ron Meischker

Title & Organization: Director of Industry and Labor Compliance, Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

About: With more than 25 years of construction regulatory and compliance experience, Ron is widely regarded as an expert in labor regulations and identifying and exposing construction industry fraud. He has provided investigative, audit, and best practices training to the following government agencies: 

  • Internal Revenue Service 
  • United States Department of Labor 
  • New Jersey Department of Labor 
  • NJ Department of Treasury Division of Taxation 
  • New Jersey Office of the Attorney General 
  • Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry 
  • Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General 
  • Maryland Comptroller’s Office 
  • Baltimore City Comptroller’s Office 
  • Baltimore City Wage Commission 
  • District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services 
  • District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General 
  • District of Columbia Department of Taxation
  • Delaware Department of Labor 
  • Delaware Department of Justice- Office of Attorney General 
  • Delaware Department of Finance 
  • West Virginia Department of Taxation 
  • Virginia Tax 
  • Virginia Office of the Attorney General 

Ron currently serves as a member of the NJ Governor’s Building Trades Construction Industry Fraud Committee and the DC Attorney General’s Construction Worker Misclassification Task Force. He was also selected to serve on DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s Transition Team. 

Class Session: Best Practices for Managing Public-Funded Construction Projects

Speaker: Jeffrey Dorfler

Title & Company: Senior Roofing Advisor

Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance Division

About: As an employee of Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance for twenty years, Jeffrey Dorfler has served the Union, Essex, and Hudson tri-county region of New Jersey for 20 years. Jeff is a senior roofing advisor for Tremco and he actively supports local facilities, operational, and maintenance directors with roof asset management solutions.  By employing a proactive roof management methodology, Jeff ensures that projects are installed compliantly and completed  in a timely manner with customers’ finances and safety in mind. Prior to Tremco, Jeff spent many summers working as part of a commercial roofing crew in Pennsylvania.  He attaining his BS in Business Information Technology from Virginia Tech in 2002. With his positive attitude, professionalism, and vast technical knowledge, it’s no surprise that Jeff’s customers constantly note his promptness, understanding, and communication.

Class Session: Best Value Advantages of Roofing & Facility Projects Using Cooperative Contracts in New Jersey

Speaker: Ward Prine

Title & Company: Regional Manager, Pro-Link, Inc.

About: Ward has been involved in the JanSan business as a BSC owner/operator and recently was the VP of Sales for CleanCore Solutions for the past 9 years. Ward has been heavily tied to Pro-Link as a manufacturer/vendor to our members for over 6 years and joined the organization in May of 2023. Ward has extensive knowledge of environmentally friendly On-Site Generation (OSG) of products, but also of other innovations that will bring value to our Pro-Link family.

Company Profile: Our national network of exclusive, local Jan-San distributors are experts in tackling cleaning problems. Pro-Link distributors combine years of experience and training to provide you with safe and clean commercial environments. Pro-Link is also a national brand of commercial cleaning supplies comprised of 1000’s of items over multiple categories. Founded in 1984, our premise is to bring consistently high-quality products at fair prices to the janitorial sanitation industry. All Pro-Link items are tested and vetted for efficacy, efficiency and value.

Class Session: The Scientific Future of Cleaning

Speaker: Fred Scevoli Jr.

Title & Company: Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Commercial Products Division, Maxxon Corporation


  • Graduate of Rutgers University (1988); Newark, NJ
  • BS Marketing / Management
  • 23 Years of  Product & Technical Sales Experience in the Flooring Industry (USG Corp. & Maxxon Corp.)
  • 15 Years of Flooring Installation (Business Owner; Priced-Rite Floor-Covering & Installation of NJ)

Class Session: Surface Applied Moisture Vapor Barriers